Gregory Shanaphy’s Golf Tips: Increasing Power

A skilled golfer, Gregory Shanaphy helps amateur golfers develop the skills critical to success. One of the most difficult skills to master, explains Greg Shanaphy, is the ability to produce a great deal of power. Many golfers do not understand how to create torque with their bodies, which they can then transfer to their swing for an extra boost. A simple way to generate extra power involves a simple twist of the hips. When players swing, they typically keep their hips level, as if they are in a barrel. Unfortunately, this technique limits the power of a swing. Instead, golfers should turn their hips parallel to the target line during the backswing and then move at a diagonal on the downswing. In other words, they would bring their right hip down toward the target instead of simply twisting back to the normal position.

This diagonal rotation separates the upper body from the lower body and allows a sort of whip-crack action at impact by using energy from the entire upper body rather than just the arms. In addition to generating extra power, this technique can also help fix pulls and slices for golfers who struggle with these common problems.


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