An Overview of LSA Family Health Service’s Programs

Since 2007, Gregory Shanaphy has served as a vice president with UBS, with a focus on investments, wealth advising, and other wealth-planning strategies. Greg Shanaphy also has experience with Merrill Lynch and AXA Advisors. A member of several charities, Gregory Shanaphy is a fundraiser and supporter of Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service (LSA).

Officially organized in the El Barrio region of East Harlem in 1958, Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service has roots in the area that extend back to 1891. A nonprofit organization, it is dedicated to helping East Harlem residents with all areas of family health, from educational and physical needs to emotional and spiritual dimensions through its mix of home- and center-based programs.

Many of the organization’s programs incorporate an element of home visits, which helps those in need find stability and form relationships they cannot form through center-based programs alone. Along with family and environmental services, LSA sponsors youth programs such as Education and Youth, an after-school service for students struggling with English and math, and Early Intervention, which helps treat infants and toddlers with developmental issues. With its strategic, measurable goals, LSA works with partners throughout the city to ensure the care families receive improves every year.


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