LSA Early-Intervention Program

Little Sisters of the Assumption Health Services pic

Little Sisters of the Assumption Health Services

Attorney Gregory Shanaphy has been admitted to the bar in New Jersey and the United States District Court. Currently a vice president at UBS, a banking and finance company in New York, NY, Greg Shanaphy is involved in community support through his fundraising efforts at Little Sisters of the Assumption Health Services (LSA). The LSA runs an early-intervention program.

The LSA Early-Intervention Program is designed for children aged two or younger who are developmentally delayed or disabled. The program is open to children diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and other conditions that give rise to developmental delays. Children without a diagnosis but experiencing developmental delays are also eligible for the program should their delays be classified as serious.

Early-intervention services are offered in environments best suited for the child such as at home, at a daycare, or at the LSA Family Health Services center. The programs are aimed at providing family health services such as: psychological and multidisciplinary assessments, service coordination, speech therapy, language therapy, occupational and physical therapy, and other assistance. All services are offered at no cost to the parents.

The Early-Intervention Program is provided by New York City’s Bureau of Early Intervention. Parents who suspect their children have developmental issues can reach out to the NYC Bureau of Early Intervention by dialing 311 to schedule an examination for their child. Only children referred by this New York City bureau are eligible for the intervention program.


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